Track your fleet anywhere in the world using VesTrak, a vessel tracking system driven by Satellite AIS data.Know where your fleet is, plan and monitor passages using weather, piracy, ice, war, MARPOLload lines and custom zone overlays, and react quickly to changing sailing conditions based on each vessel’s real time location.

Need information on a vessel or port?

It’s just a tap away on VesTrak.

Need to know where has a vessel been recently?

Get vessel position history for the last 60 days.

Need to plan voyages and ensure that vessels are staying clear of high risk regions when not appropriately covered?

It’s just a tap away on VesTrak.

Wondering if the any vessels are going to be affected by the latest weather update?
Check vessel positions, passage plans, and the latest weather updates from NOAA and JTWC.
Need to get all this information at more, but away from your desk?

VesTrak is available on iOS and Android with all the features present in the web version. Monitor your fleet from the palm of your hand.

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