VesTrak 1.1.2: Notifications, Weather, and Dynamic features on mobile

VesTrak has been updated to version 1.1.2 on the App and Play stores. With this version, we have added the following features to the app:

  1. Ice Areas are now visible within the app
  2. JWC War Areas, from the latest updates according to the Joint War Commission are shown inside the app
  3. We have improved accuracy for weather information
  4. VesTrak now has Push Notifications to ensure that you are alerted to events that require your attention

These features can now be enabled and disabled from the web interface. Notification messages will be sent to mentioned users in case of activity in Piracy and Ice Areas. With this new update, VesTrak lets you make decisions from wherever you are, with the most up to date information about all your vessels.

Download VesTrak on the App Store and Play Store today.

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