VesRIM (Vessel Relationship and Information Management) is a unique app from OceanManager. Have all critical information about a vessel, from technical details like engine type, to key performance indicators and analytics (from BIOME), and vessel position and history (from VesTrak) in the palm of your hand.

Vessel particulars, such as IMO number, call sign, flag, and tonnage, as well as details about engines, propellers, ballast, and thrusters are available in VesRIM for every vessel in your fleet.

Have the contact information for every person related to a vessel – owner, manager, superintendent, charterer, and auditor – in one single location. VesRIM’s built in chat allows all parties related to a vessel to stay informed about decisions taken that affect the vessel. VesRIM chat is auditable, so decisions can be traced in the future.

Need to know how a vessel is performing? How about its performance in comparison with the performance of the rest of the fleet? Vessel analytics and KPIs from BIOME are available within VesRIM.

VesRIM is the single source of information for all details about every vessel in your fleet.

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