VesFMS is a complete Fleet Management system, designed to help you reduce lifecycle costs and increase productivity by allowing you to see value from data coming in from across the entire fleet.


  • A complete planned maintenance module with Enterprise Asset management capabilities.
  • Type-approved by IR Class, allowing Class & PMS notations with Industry bred Maintenance & Survey program.
  • Providing an easy tool for reporting defects, breakdowns and applying preventive actions in the system.
  • System describes all the important information which can be readily exchanged between Vessels & office on actions to be taken and has the ability to attach relevant documentation such as drawings and specifications.

A purchasing & procurement module, starting from requisition to delivery for spares, consumables & stores items. The workflow can be adapted to suit a company’s needs by assisting from requisition, enquiry, cost proposal, order comparison, ordering and delivery.


A Crew Management and Payroll module, which offers an overview of both active and unassigned crew, all required documentation, contracts, and certificates. Our crew management software handles your resource planning and payroll. Users can optimally plan crew for their vessels, make intelligent use of their crewing pools and ensure compliance with the required regulations.

Available on
  • Shore web version
  • Ship desktop version


OceanManager’s applications have a very intuitive, user friendly interface, which have been designed by our experienced team comprised by It specialists and Mariners.


Equipped with powerful filtering options and visual feedback, the Overview screen allows the user to monitor maintenance routines, to further be planned, tracked and executed.

Maintenance Dashboard

The Maintenance Dashboard helps users manage their entire fleet by displaying trends with KPIs from the classification society for tracking and decision making.

Defect Reports

Helps plan & monitor unplanned/ breakdown maintenance routines.

Planning Board

An easy to use calendar view lays out all planned maintenance routines and breakdown maintenances, with clear highlights indicating the criticality of the job.

Maintenance Log

The Maintenance Log page gives the user a more comprehensive, component-wise list of completed maintenances routines & defects.


The Counter page has a graphical cum tabular view to track number of hours a machinery has run, over a specified period. This time period can be fully configured, as per the clients requirements.

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