Track and protect your ships from piracy

Singapore: Three ships have been attacked by pirates in the same area in the space of just three hours today 19-June 2015, local piracy watchdog ReCAAP has just reported.

The three vessels were underway in the eastbound lane of the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. (Link to read full story)

Is this the beginning of another long battle against piracy. In my opinion the solution is on land rather than fighting it at sea. In the meantime, placing of armed guards on board the vessels transiting the area should be seriously considered more and shipmanagement and owner companies should invest in the software solution that will alert vessel about piracy area, making of special cautionary areas . This will send a very clear message to the pirate groups that such acts will not be taken lightly any more.

When deciding the course of action, it should be borne in mind that the area in question is very different from the Gulf of Aden or Somalian coast, due to high traffic density, close proximity of dangers and limited maneuvering space.

One plus point is that the area falls within the jurisdiction of a coastal state, and it will be easier to bring these pirate groups to justice.

On the shipboard side the BMP should be adopted and SSPs revised to cater the needs of this situation,

Hence oceanManager recommends to use software solutions like vestrak that track and display vessel’s position globally for a fleet. Guide vessels as per latest weather forecasts, piracy alerts etc.

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