OceanManager introduces SeaRM360 for a 360° view of vessel operations, integrating data from all corporate systems and sources thus increasing their competitive edge.

The world moves fast, and shipping is no different. Being able to pivot and respond to changing market conditions is how a company gains a competitive edge. Pivoting is impossible if you are not aware that the business environment is changing. SeaRM360 is OceanManager’s analytics suite designed to provide top management an integrated view of their entire fleet through our Business Intelligence platform BIOME, vessel tracking module and vessel information manager VesRIM.

SeaRM360 integrates data generated from Technical, Finance, Compliance, and Crewing software, and any other data sources that your company subscribes to. Using this data, SeaRM360 gives you actionable intelligence with which you can make more informed decisions for your fleet.
Available on
  • Mobile version
  • Shore web version


OceanManager’s applications have a very intuitive, user friendly interface, which have been designed by our experienced team comprised by It specialists and Mariners.

Our flagship analytics and Big Data platform. BIOME integrates data from all sources that generate data related to a fleet and presents them with simple analytics and Key Performance Indicators. Get a high level overview of your fleet’s performance, or drill down into one particular statistic to get detailed reports.
The smart vessel information manager that fits in the palm of your hand. VesRIM collects all vessel information and relationships, including vessel particulars, location, related contacts, and analytics, and presents them in a simple to use app.

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