OceanManager Support: Our Customers’ Voice

At OceanManager, our clients are present at all of our internal meetings. This is something that we take great pride in. The obvious question that follows this statement is: how?

The OceanManager Support Team represents the Voice of Customers (VOC) within the company. They interact with customers on a regular basis, and are aware of all the issues and pain points that the customers have. They make sure that this voice is being heard at all times, and their needs are converted into Plans Of Action (POAs) to deliver the results that they need. Our team:

  • Act as a bridge between the client and technical team and are on our toes 14×7, 365 days of the year,
  • Make sure that our technical team understands the problems and issues faced by our customers,
  • Make sure no tickets or client requests go unheard. We aim to be the standard for customer satisfaction in the industry, and our standards are increasing day by day, and
  • Continually monitors our performance on different parameters, and takes a proactive approach to finding solutions.

We don’t just support our clients at OceanManager. Over the years, we build relationships with them. We are the ones who look at Customer Satisfaction as the primary goal and work at all times to deliver the highest Customer Satisfaction possible.

With wide knowledge of the industry, and people with shipping backgrounds on our team, we understand the industry and challenges being faced by crew on-board on a daily basis. We believe that technology should be used to streamline reporting and help achieve enhanced safety and regulatory compliance levels at sea. Open tickets mean that our clients are not able to complete their daily tasks in a timely fashion. We make sure the requests are cleared in a streamlined manner, and our users can go about their daily tasks without much hassle.

Our agents support over 900 vessels and more than 20,000 users across the globe. We rise above the time zone differences, language barriers, and other challenges to ensure that a timely and accurate response is handed out every time a ticket is raised in our ticketing system.

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