Update and optimize the way you conduct vessel audits & inspections, without disrupting your existing processes.


mAuditor is an automated compliance auditing and surveying software. It is a cloud-based, cross-device, multi-platform, mobile and web solution that can be deployed in the field on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, it can be operated both online and offline. This cost-effective software simplifies and streamlines the tedious, complex and time intensive audit process for both auditors and vessel owners.

Available on
  • Mobile version
  • Shore web version


OceanManager’s applications have a very intuitive, user friendly interface, which have been designed by our experienced team comprised by It specialists and Mariners.


Smart checklist Pre-configured with embedded rules, alerts and logic and tailored for vessel particulars. Auditor always works with the latest version and recorded data is shared live


Visually apealling graphs and charts provide insights across audits and vessels. Share data anonymously and benchmark with other similar vessels.


Access private and public libraries of checklist, audits and surveys. Work with professionally developed checklists complete with references and guidance.

Machine Learning/AI

AI/Machine learning engine recognizes patterns and recommends areas to improve across the fleet and highlight areas in a checklist to pay attention.


Enrich the checklist with photos, audio, audio and video recordings captured during field work. Use the media in reports, create training content and share in media gallery.


Generate compelling reports using standardized and custom templates. Quick reports available to share and of audit. Completed report available for print, export and sharing.

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