Indian Navy and Coast Guard rescued 14 crew members of MV Coastal Pride, a cement carrier

The Indian Navy and Coast Guard rescued 14 crew members of a sinking vessel off the Daman coast on Wednesday, responding to an SOS from the distressed ship.Ref(hindustantimes News)

MV Coastal Pride, a cement carrier, sank 24 nautical miles south of Daman (75 NM north of Mumbai) in the morning, defence ministry spokesperson Sitanshu Kar said on Twitter.

“All crew safely evacuated to Umar Gaon,” he posted.

The navy launched a Sea King helicopter at 7:58am from INS Shikra, Colaba, while the Coast Guard launched two Chetak helicopters around 8:40am for the rescue operation.

Six persons were recsued by the Coast Guard before the ship sank. The Sea King saved as many persons from the water joined by the Coast Guard that rescued two more.

Last week, all 20 crew members of a merchant vessel in distress in waters off the Mumbai coast were airlifted to safety during a daring rescue mission by an Indian Navy helicopter.

At Oceanmanager we wishes all seafarers safety and more safety compliance to avoid such misshaping.

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