Evergas digitizes Mooring Plans with OceanManager’s Mooring Plan (MSMP) fleetwide.

Evergas, one of the world’s leading seaborne transporters of petrochemical gases and natural gas liquids successfully digitizes Mooring plans with OceanManager MSMP. OceanManager a maritime software solutions company partnered with Evergas to digitize mooring plans.

San Ramon, CA, January 31, 2022. OceanManager, one of the leading providers of maritime software solutions, partnered with Evergas to develop a digital solution for Mooring and Line Management Plan. The innovation was an outcome of client driven need and collaboration to provide requirements, domain expertise and supervising pilots with vessels.

“The product is a culmination of close collaboration with Evergas, who use OceanManagers’s mHSEQ Suite of software for safety and compliance. The solution for MSMP is to improve safety, reduce costs with streamlined procurement and compliance with MEG4. At the very onset, the Marine team at Evergas, were enthusiastic and committed to the project, that makes the key difference.”, said Rajan Vasudevan, CEO OceanManager.”

Capt. Rajneesh Rana commented on the Company’s strategy,
“Mooring operations is a high frequency high risk operation. MEG4 introduced several changes for improving safety of mooring operation, which involved enhanced documentation. We reached out to our trusted partner OceanManager to develop one stop solution for compliance. We believe MSMP will complement our efforts of upgrading hardware and focused crew training to further improve safety of mooring operations”
OceanManager’s fleet management solution, provides all required modules for technical management and is a constantly evolving platform that provides all the tools that vessel operators need to improve technical management, planning and execution. Designed for ease of use and low human touchpoints, our solution reduces in overall the administrative burden while improving quality of data and reporting.

About OceanManager

OceanManager, a maritime software solutions company provides Fleet Management and Operational Intelligence software products and bespoke services for Technical Management that help Ship Owners and Managers operate their vessels safely and efficiently. The comprehensive product suite include Performance Optimization, Planned Maintenance, Purchase & Procurement, Spares, Crew Management, Safety & Quality, Incident Reporting, Risk Management, Vessel Tracking, BI and Dashboarding and Audit & Inspections. To learn more about OceanManager please visit www.oceanmanager.com.

About Evergas Ship Management Pte Ltd.

The Ship Management Team in Singapore has the full responsibility for safe operation of the fleet. The team monitors and maintains a close dialogue with the vessels, implements cost efficient and environmental sound operation standards, and ensures compliance with all international standards.

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