BIOME (Business Intelligence for OceanManager Enterprise) is the business intelligence and maritime analytics engine that powers SeaRM360. It helps office staff stay on top of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for their fleet, presented in a dashboard for quick and simple review. On its own, it analyses all the QHSE data generated by the OceanManager Compliance Suite. The real power of BIOME is its capability to integrate all the data from the various software suites used to power your fleet – including the PMS, Crewing, and Technical modules. Along with high level KPIs, BIOME also provides drilldowns so that you can inspect any KPI at any level of detail – from a single ship or crew member, all the way up to a fleet of hundreds of vessels.

BIOME helps in:

  • Seeing KPIs for your entire fleet, or just one section of it
  • Providing drilldowns into all KPIs so you can see exactly what is going on
  • Integrating the data from all the systems used on board your vessels and in your offices
  • Giving you predictive analysis when a high risk situation might be present due to a combination of factors from equipment state, crew fatigue, and any number of other factors

Consultancy services

Not sure how BIOME can help your fleet? Let us show you how BIOME can help to create baselines and KPIs that are tailored to your fleet. Using data from the last twelve months of your operations, we can build baselines and KPIs that are tailored just for your fleet. We can also show you which vessels are good actors, providing complete information in their reports, and which ones are providing incomplete data. We will also help you to develop a plan to get your entire fleet reporting data on a regular basis.

Integrating with BIOME

Are you interested in integrating your software system with BIOME, or using data that BIOME uses for its analysis? We are looking for partners in the maritime software space to build an ecosystem of interlinking products. Please contact us to get the conversation started. Contact Us for more information
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